Fellowship of Divine Tenets


The Tenets of Our Faith

  1. God's Nature.  God is the source of all life, and the nature of God is loving-kindness. Always act out of loving-kindness to towards humans, animals and nature.
  2. Places of Communion.  God is omnipresent, omniscient and dwells within us. All believers, wheresoever located, are in direct communion with God and fellowship with each other, whenever and wherever they live and act with loving-kindness in accordance with the Tenets.
  3. God's Sacred Creation.  Every child is a sacred creation of God, and must be raised with loving-kindness. Corporal punishment of children, and all forms of domestic violence, are strictly prohibited.
  4. God's Holy Temple.   The human body is the holy temple of God. It shall not be exposed to unnatural, toxic or harmful substances, such as cigarettes, artificially engineered vaccines and immunization agents, and chemical perfumes.
  5. Reaping the Sown.   Whatsoever is sown is also reaped. Always sow the seeds of loving-kindness, peace, joy and generosity, and be grateful to God for the fruits therefrom.